IJSI is committed to protecting and where need arises, defending the intellectual rights of its authors. The journal does not condone intellectual fraud or infringement of any kind including plagiarism. It considers allegations of unethical practices as serious breach and deals with such in line with its in-house provisions. Such matters of breach and infringement once reported is referred to a sub-committee made up of two Consulting Editors, Legal Adviser, Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editor, for consideration and further appropriate actions which may also include legal actions.     

In line with the foregoing position of the journal, authors are required to enter into a valid agreement with IJSI where they retain their copyright but cede publishing and distribution rights to IJSI. This also include the right of IJSI to use online platforms to publish and distribute their articles. Authors are also required to cede their right to enable readers have free access to use and share their articles.