Poverty And The Coping Strategies Of Rural Women In Akwa Ibom State


  • Supper Roland Okijie Department of Sociology and Anthropology


The problem of rural poverty especially as it affects women has attracted the attention of scholars, governments and non- governmental organizations nationally and internationally due to the negative consequences it has on both women and the society everywhere around the globe. Strategies are being adopted by governments, people and non-governmental agencies to minimize or alleviate the menace of rural poverty. Yet rural poverty persists. The study was therefore an attempt to look at the strategies adopted by rural women in Akwa Ibom State to deal with the problems of poverty. The study builds on data sought and obtained from observations, questionnaires and interviews. Findings in the study indicate that the coping strategies adopted by rural women had resulted in the alleviation of poverty. Also, government policies have not provided any significant reduction of poverty in rural areas. The paper concludes by making a number of recommendations.

Author Biography

Supper Roland Okijie, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

University of Uyo



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