Government and Accountability in Nigeria: The Theoretical Linkage DOI: 10.36108/IJSI/2202.11.0150

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Etim O. Frank


The study was conducted to indicate the theoretical linkage between the Government as the agent of the state and accountability, which is the outcome of governance. The illustration of the relationship is imperative because the operators of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), often act as if they are not answerable to the citizens. It was conducted using the descriptive research design, wherein the observations of the MDAs were made over a period of time, inputs noted and outcomes investigated. The focus was on the federal MDAs with implications for sub-states MDAs. It was established that the Government by Social Contract is the agent of the citizens, to whom they surrendered some of the rights. Accountability is expected of the government in the areas of creating appropriate laws providing public services, undertaking development projects, protecting the citizens from attack, ensuring all achieve good-life in the state. The procedure revealed that the political heads of the MDAs were not accountable. It further exposed the fact citizens do not know that they have the right to demand answerability from the duty-bearers. Among the necessary steps suggested were sourcing about 30 per cent of the members of the board of governors of the MDAs from professional bodies and 70 percent on professional patronage. This is because they often influence the management of the various government organizations to settle them financially, leaving very little for the actual productive activities, hence consuming the resources for the generating positive outcomes from these agencies. It is expected that inputs from the professionals would be respected by the board members to enable the various MDAs to generate outcomes as accountability, which is ab-initio the essence of Government.

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Etim O. Frank, Department of Political Science & Public Administration

University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State



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